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jsdlproc: A JSDL to RSL translator

Jsdlproc is a small tool which can be used to translate Job Submission Description Language (JSDL) documents into GT4.0 RSL/XML documents.
Currently only the intersection of compatible JSDL and RSL elements can be used for translation.

Requirements: Java 5.0 (1.5) JDK/JRE


Syntax: ./jsdlproc [-v|--validate-only] <jsdl-file>

You have to run the jsdlproc start-script from the
installation directory.


./jsdlproc jsdl-examples/sample.jsdl

The JSDL Document in jsdl-examples/sample.jsdl
is translated to RSL which is written to stdout.
The sample.jsdl file is supplied with the package.

The program should also work with windows.

Hint: The well-known JSDL FileSystem names HOME and SCRATCH
gets replaced by ${GLOBUS_USER_HOME} and ${GLOBUS_SCRATCH_DIR}.

The following expression executes JSDL-jobs using GRAM:

jsdlproc jsdl-examples/nbody6.jsdl > temp.rsl &&\
globusrun-ws -submit -staging-delegate -job-description-file temp.rsl -F <globushost>

Download (r72) precompiled package (11 KB)