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The AstroGrid-D Timeline for Job Monitoring


The AstroGrid-D Timeline is an interactive user interface providing status information about jobs running on the grid. Each job is displayed by a horizontal line. The time axis can be dragged by the mouse and additional information for each job can be displayed by mouse click. A screenshot is given below.
The AstroGrid-D job monitoring uses Audit Logging of the Globus Toolkit (v4.0.5 and later). Audit Logging stores various job information in a data base. Special database triggers have been developed that convert this information into the Usage Record format, convert it into RDF/XML and upload it to the AstroGrid-D information service Stellaris. Further details are described at the job monitoring page. The visual representation is accomplished through the Simile Timeline service.


The URL to the service is http://is.astrogrid-d.org/timeline/computers.html .


Download and Installation

The latest version can be downloaded from the SVN repository:

svn co svn://svn.gac-grid.org/software/timeline/trunk timeline  

The Timeline is configured by setting the URIs to MDS and Stellaris (http://stellaris.astrogrid-d.org/) in gridmap/servemap.py.
The start stop script called timeline should be copied or linked to /etc/init.d/ folder.
Starting is also possible by the command:

python gridmap/servemap.py


Mikael Högqvist (hoegqvist at zib.de)
Frank Breitling (fbreitling at aip.de)