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Using the Information Service

In order to use the information service it is possible to use any HTTP-client program such as cURL, wget or a web-browser. Below are some examples using cURL, a full description of the protocol is available in docs/PROTOCOL.

<context name> = any path: test, test/test1/, ...
<path/to/file> = a file containing valid RDF/XML or N3

Upload and replace data:
curl --upload-file <path/to/file> http://<host>:<port>/context/<context name>

Retrieve data:
curl http://<host>:<port>/context/<context name>

Update existing data
curl -d @<path/to/file> http://<host>:<port>/context/<context name>?action=<action>
where <action> is either "add" for adding the triples in the file or "update" for
updating the context using triples matching on the (subject, predicate).

Delete existing data
curl -X DELETE http://<host>:<port>/context/<context name>

Querying is easiest using the web-interface available at:

The query service interface for the SPARQL protocol is available using the /query/query-path: