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Cactus RDF Producer

Cactus comes with a thorn AEIThorns/Formaline (originally written by Erik Schnetter) which can announce application-specific metadata about running Cactus simulations to various external information services, including our RDF-based Information Service. Dylan Stark, Robert Engel, and Thomas Radke have been working on an RDF vocabulary to describe Cactus metadata. An RDF/XML definition document ( cctk-schema, version 1.0) for such a vocabulary is now (August 2006) available and being used by Formaline.

Cactus Metadata Management

Below are given some Cactus-specific example queries illustrating various metadata that a Cactus user can search for:
For feedback and questions please email Thomas Radke, or (better) our workgroup mailing list gac-wg2@aip.de.