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The Globus-Helper package is a collection of shell and Perl scripts that helps with installing, updating and running the Globus-Toolkit. The package is mandatory for an installation of Globus in AstroGrid-D standards. The VO-Management package is updated separately, it might be newer than the whole globus-helper-package. Please use only the latest package.

globus-helper-v1.4.tgz (11.12.2009)
 globus-helper-v1.3.tgz (14.03.2008)
globus-helper-v1.2.tgz (07.11.2007)
globus-helper-v1.1.tgz (15.09.2007)
globus-helper-v1.0.tgz (Sep. 2006)

There is also a package for the VO management.
VO-Management-1.5.1.tgz (24.06.2009)

The latest version can be retrieved from the AstroGrid-D svn at /software/globus/globus-helper.

Overview of the scripts in alphabetical order (english description is work in progress):

Skript Purpose Main - or Target Directory
globus-install Assistants for installing globus
gt4.cfg Configure for Globus make globus build dir
iodbc.cfg Configure for iodbc iodbc build dir
pgsql.cfg Configure for PostgreSQL make
pgsql build dir
update_globus.pl Uncompress and install Globus advisories
 gmond.conf-head, gmond.conf-nodes
 For configuring ganglia to yield a cluster in  MDS  
init.d/ Start Globus via standard rc scripts

init scripts for Debian Linux systems
globus Starts Globus Container
gsissh Starts gsissh (this is a script created by the install_init-conf.pl)
globus.sysconfig Parameters for Globus services
install_init-conf.pl Installs init scripts and config
/etc/sysconfig/globus/, /etc/init.d/
init scripts for SuSE Linux systems
manage-griduser/ Manage mapping from VOMRS list to local users

AGD/ contains Perl modules

conf/ Configuration directory

skel/ contains a set of .-files for each user
globus-sysconfig/ contains configuration files for Globus
ConfigureGridUserManagement.pl Configures the necessary local settings
 ManageLocalGridUser.pl  Imports VOMRS lists, updates gridmap files and user accounts  
Update-Skel.pl In case  .-files have to be changed for all grid users
UpdateENodes.pl If you have hosts with same configuration, use this for update
update-local-griduser  cron-script /etc/cron.daily
dgridmap.pl script for querying DGrid VOMRS
sudoers-alias /-command blocks for updating /etc/sudoers
security/RA/ Tools for  local "Root authority" (signing requests etc)
service/SignSrvRequest.pl Sign service requests (for hosts) by local RA /root/AstroCert/
user/SignUsrRequest.pl Sign user requests by local RA /root/AstroCert/
security/astro-fetch-crl Certificate revocation
fetch-crl updates Certificate revocation lists (CRLs)
/etc/sysconfig/globus/, /etc/grid-security/certificates/
fetch-crl.cron cron settings
install_fetch-crl.pl Installs  Certificate revocation program ~globus/globus-helper/security/astro-fetch-crl/
security/configrootCA Installs specific Root certificates and configures Globus defaults

ConfigureFZK-CA.pl Installs FZK-Certificates, configuration /etc/grid-security/certificates/
DEFAULT-FZK.tgz FZK Certificates, /etc/grid-security/certificates/
dfncerts.tgz DFN Certificates, /etc/grid-security/certificates/
 UkraineCA.tgz  Ukrainian Cerrtificates
security/service Certificates creation and installation for host

renew_service_req.pl Creates certificate-request for host and service certificates /root/AstroCert/
install_service_cert.pl Installs host and service certificates /etc/grid-security/
 security/userreq  Certificates creation and installation for user  
 generate_user_req.pl  Creates certificate-request for user (globus available)
 openssl_generate_user_req.pl  Creates certificate-request for user (globus NOT available)  
 p12-2-pem-en.sh  creates user<cert|key>.pem from p12-certificate
xinetd.d xinet- config - installation (gsiftp)
gsi* gsiftp / gsigatekeeper setting parameter /etc/xinetd.d/
install_xinet-conf.pl Copies  config to  /etc/xinetd.d/