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The Information Service within the AstroGrid-D architecture

This figure depicts the usage of the Information Service, Stellaris, within AstroGrid-D. Stellaris implements a management interaface for RDF-based metadata and a SPARQL-query interface. information model. The picture shows four different components:

  • Information Service Storage (Storage instance), interface for management and query of RDF-based metadata. Multiple instance of Stellaris is deployed over AstroGrid-D to handle different type of metadata or metadata at different institutes. A storage instance can take the role as both RDF information producer and/or consumer.
  • RDF Information Producer, uses an instance of Stellaris to store and manage RDF-based metadata.
  • Information Producer, generates metadata in other formats than RDF, for example XML. A translation mechanism is used to map the metadata into RDF.
  • RDF Consumer, extracts metadata using the query or retrieval interface from a Stellaris instance.