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Work package II (WP-II): Management and preparation of Metadata

A fundamental issue for the usage of distributed resources in a Grid-environment is the abstract description of these resources and how of these descriptions are provided through information services.

The astrophysics-community distinguishes itself through a large diversity of different resources including data sets, special services operating on these data sets, computational resources and large devices such as robotic telescopes.

Community-specific services (cf. Work package III-VII) obtain status information from the metadata management. Special considerations must be taken regarding the access methods (search in metadata). Furthermore, the technical architecture of the metadata management must support geographical distribution of resources, but also take administrative aspects (access restrictions of single users or groups) and existing community standards such as IVOA Registry into account.

The DGI project will provide a middleware that exports a generic API for Grid applications. This API should enable components to be independent from the internal API that is part of the metadata service design. Furthermore, components should be open in the sense that they easily can be adapted to a different API and also assure compatability of other information services.

Organizational structure


Responsible for the work package: Mikael Högqvist (ZIB)

Technical contact persons:

  • Alexander Beck-Ratzka (AEI)
  • Thomas Granzer (AIP)
  • Hans-Martin Adorf (MPA)
  • Wolfgang Voges (MPE)
  • Angelika Reiser (TUM)
  • Peter Schwekendiek (ZAH)
  • Thomas Röblitz (ZIB)
  • Mikael Högqvist (ZIB)

Work plan

  1. Requirement specification and design of the architecture
    Type of resources, static or dynamic data and operation characteristics, access methods (search), access rights and standards.
  2. Development of the distributed metadata management
    Construction of an infrastructure that integrates the metadata, how it is updated and queried (in three stages of development).
  3. Compatibility assurance to other Grid information services
    Middleware independent API towards existing Grid information services such as Gridlab-iGrid or MDS. Conversion of the process coordinators resource descriptions.
  4. Development of information providers for metadata preparation
    Each resource, for example computational resources, data or robotic telescopes, needs a individual software module that identifies metadata automatically and prepares it for usage in the metadata management software.
  5. Test of the developed components by adaptation of the community application