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Workpackage WP-I: Integration of Computing and Data Resources into GACG

The initial task is integration of hardware resources (data archives, computers, networks, astronomical instruments) provided by all partners in order to establish the infrastructural and administrative basis of AstroGrid-D. This requires unified mechanisms of certificate-based authorization and authentication and their extension, while developing standard procedures for installation, testing and support of middleware and grid services building on this middleware.

The working group acts as technical contact and support team for users and developers. Along with its initial task, the working group will incrementally integrate all available resources into the core D-Grid infrastructure built by the D-Grid integration project and using a commonly agreed middleware. Building up an efficient support structure will help to qualify end users to access the related grid services.

Organizational structure


Work package manager: Harry Enke (AIP)

Technical contacts:

  • Robert Engel (AEI)
  • Peter Schwekendiek (ZAH)
  • Wolfgang Voges (MPE)
  • Clemens Kittan (UP)

Task schedule

  1. Definition of requirements for the core D-Grid
    Definition of common and community-specific requirements on a core D-Grid as built by DGI.
  2. Setup of a working GAC-Grid
    Existing community-owned grid testbeds (e.g. GridLab Testbed, GAVO Grid) will be joined to a GAC-Grid and extended with additional resources of the partners involved in the project. Selected middleware components, compilers, and libraries based on agreement with DGI and partners are to be installed.
  3. Integration of the GAC-Grid into the core D-Grid
    The GAC-Grid will be integrated into the structure of the core D-Grid. Administrative procedures, in collaboration with DGI and other partners, will be established in GAC-Grid.
  4. Installation of a GridMPI environment on cluster resources of the GAC-Grid
    Existing MPI packages must be evaluated according to the requirements of astrophysical simulations. Administrative requirements and technical network prerequisites for the installation of these packages are to be determined. Test runs of simulations will be performed. The distributed resources shall be managed using corresponding middleware as developed by other working groups.