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Workpackage AP-0: Project Management

Coordination of AstroGrid-D is organized into three regional centers, Potsdam/Berlin, Garching/München and Heidelberg. These centers are contact points for associated partners. Working groups for development work are formed according to the tasks of the work packages, with members from all partnering institutes.

Responsible for the project as a whole is a Steering Committee, supported by a project manager, working with the leader of the consortium. Video- and Tele-conferences are being conducted on a monthly basis, with reports from partners and working groups, and face-to-face meetings are scheduled twice a year to ensure the efficient running of the project.

Keeping in close contact with other projects within D-Grid, with those from HEP and C3, and organizing tutorials and workshops is another task. Development of close relations within the international astronomical community, especially with other grid-related projects is required as well.

The working group "Project Architecture" is responsible for providing technical advice to the Steering Committee.

Organizational Structure

Steering Committee:

  • Matthias Steinmetz, consortium leader (AIP)
  • Bernard Schutz (AEI)
  • Alexander Reinefeld (ZIB)
  • Joachim Wambsganss (ZAH)
  • Wolfgang Voges (MPE)
  • Torsten Ensslin (MPA)
  • Alfons Kemper (TUM)

Project management: Harry Enke (AIP)

Working Group "Project Architecture":


  • Harry Enke (AIP)
  • Thomas Röblitz (ZIB)
  • Thomas Radke (AEI)
  • Angelika Reiser (TUM)

Work plan

  1. Project Management

    Organization of the project, communications with D-Grid and the funding agency.

  2. Organization of meetings, tutorials, workshops

    Also the organization of joint meetings with other projects and the development of close relations to European and international grid projects within the astronomical community.

  3. Working group for Project Architecture

    This working group has been formed from partner institutions which have already worked for years in the field of grid-development. Working together with the D-Grid Integration project will ensure the formation of a unified infrastructure with common middleware to achieve a reliable working grid infrastructure for Germany.