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Work Package VII: User and Programmer Interfaces

To provide scientists and users of the astrophysics community an easy access to grid ressources and to hide the complexity of the grid, this workpackage will create a userportal that allows them to use it in a unified and intuitve manner. The organizational structure (which needs to be done by AP-I) will be reflected in that portal. Institutions and usergroups can join and leave the GACG. The portal will have support for those administratove tasks. Furthermore it will allow the user to access srvices and ressources in one or multiple VO via standard certificationmechanisms. The services developed by other work packages (e.g. automated installation and configuation by AP-I or search for metadata by AP-II) should be integrated into a common interface.

The basic framework used for the user interfaces in the astrophysics community is the DGI supported GridSphere Portal Framework.

To be compatible with grid services and middlewar, the applications which will be adapted in AP-II to AP-VI will take advantage of a generic program interfaces. This is going to be the DGI supported Grid Application Toolkit (GAT).

Both GridSphere and GAT are part of many communities within D-Grid. This implies a very close work with other community projects, esp. C3 community, as well as the DGI.

Organisational Structure

Partners: AEI, AIP, MPE

Work Package Manager: Oliver Wehrens (AEI)

Technical Contact Partners:

  • Oliver Wehrens (AEI): GridSphere
  • Alexander Beck-Ratzka (AEI), GAT
  • Wolfgang Voges (MPE)
  • Harry Enke (AIP)

Work Schedule

  1. Installation of GridSphere at GAC-Grid

    An inital version of the GridSphere Portal Framework will be installed on a machine in the GAC-Grid to for evalutaion.

  2. Gather requirements for integration of astrophysic specific applications and services for a GACG webportal

    A document will be produced which will describe the requirements of the community for a portal. This will be done in close work with the integrationproject.

  3. Generic grid interfaces

    The applications of the community should be able to use grid services independent of the concrete implementation. The GAT will be used to achieve that goal. The connection of astrophysics specific services will be done by adaptors which will be integrated into an extended GAT.

  4. Userinterface for Deployment, Monitoring and Steering of Grid Simulations

    A portal component will be developed which will allow the installationi, monitoring and steering of grid simulationcodes on GAC Grid ressources. This includes automatic generation of platform independent executables, creation and managment of parameter files, startup of grid jobs, job tracking, monitoring and steering of simulations.

  5. Userinterfaces for Metadata and datamanagement

    A portal component will be developed to access and manage metadata and data (e.g. search in a metadata catalouge). The mechanisms for that are based on the rules defined by the VO.