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Zuse Institute Berlin

The Computer Science Research department at Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) focus its research on parallel and distributed software systems.
Research focus:
  • Grid Computing
  • Integration and efficient use of the participating components, such as computational capacity, storage space and network bandwidth, despite their dynamics and heterogeneity.
  • Management of distributed data in global systems.
  • Usage of replication of large-volume data to decrease total network load and to achieve more efficient data access time.
  • Design and development of autonomous, self-organizing and scalable systems with particular focus on Grid- and Cluster resource management software.
  • Efficient execution of workflows in Grid-environments by using prediction models and reservation.
  • Testing of Grid-concepts through applications from different scientific disciplines, especially from bioinformatics.
Projects: Grid Activities:
  • Co-founder of the EGrid forum
  • Active in the Global Grid Forum
  • Member of the adviosory committee for the Global Grid Forum.
  • Member of Global Grid Forum Research Oversight Committee
  • Co-Founder and Co-Chair for the EU COST-Inititative MetaChem and organizer of several conferences with Grid Computing theme, including: Dagstuhl 2001, CCGrid 2002, Global Grid Forum 2004 in Berlin and Dagstuhl 2004.