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Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik

The Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik (MPA) has developed significant expertise in the area of simulating the formation of cosmic structure. The scientific exploitation of such simulations requires the coordinated execution of a series of chained program modules. Such a task requires automatic analysis methods known as scientific workflows.

Within the AstroGrid-D project the following work items shall be carried out:
  • Such workflows (or "pipelines") shall be efficiently executed in a self-documenting fashion by a workflow engine (process management system).
  • A system shall be developed, which is particularly suited to the requirements of astronomical data processing.
  • The Planck Process Coordinator (ProC) workflow engine shall be adapted to the D-GRID environment.
The ProC is an event-driven control software for modulare software workflows equipped with a comfortable graphical user interface. It communicates with a special data management component (DMC), which uses a database system for supplying the data to the processing modules. The ProC
  • shall be enabled to manage and execute workflows consisting of Grid resources.
As a primary test scenario for this functionality
  • the analysis and post-processing software for the simulation data shall be embedded into the D-GRID environment in such a way that its execution can be coordinated by the ProC and the DMC.
The Grid-development aims at making available to a larger user community
  • the simulation data sets and derived synthetic observation data, and
  • the ProC and the DMC.