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Universität Potsdam, Institute for Computer Science

The department of Operating and Distributed Systems at the Institute for Computer Science of the University Potsdam has been actively engaged in different research activities in the area of Grid Computing since 1999.

Current Research Activities:
  • Load balancing of distributed Grid applications.
  • The Migol project is aimed to investigate the design and implementation of an fault-tolerant infrastructure, i.e. without any single point of failure, conforming to the Open Grid Service Architecture (OGSA) for supporting the migration of parallel MPI applications. The framework consists of several components:
    • Information services, which store and manage information about Grid resources as well as meta-data.
    • The Grid Object Description Language, a generic resource description language for describing different aspects of a Grid, e.g. hardware, applications, and data.
    • The Job Broker Service is responsible for the management and allocation of resources and the start of applications.
    • The Monitoring Service monitors all applications of the Grid.
    • The Migration Service can automatically transfer Grid applications between Grid sites in case of a failure.
    • Migol services can be access through a Gridsphere portlet.
  • Development of different Grid utilities:
    • Gridmake: Tool for automatic distribution and compilation of source codes and applications.
    • Ganglia: Customizing and extension of Ganglia for the deployment at the university's Grid.
  • Participant of the Berlin-Brandenburg Grid.