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AstroGrid-D Meeting at MPE,

November 14-15, 2006



Day Start End Room 1
Moderation Guests/-Speakers
Responsible Person
 14.11.2006  13.30 14.00
Coffee, Informal discussion
      Assessment of Demos, i.e. UseCases and Services :
10 min for each presentation and 5 min. for assessment.
   14.00 15.30
Middleware Infrastructure:
1.) Information Service (ZIB)  M. Högkvist [pdf]
2.) VOMRS  (AIP) M.Braun / H. Enke [ppt]
3.) Astrometric Matching, E-Science workflow (TUM) R. Kuntschke [pdf] [ppt]
1.) Project-Infrastructure  & Software-Process (HE/SW-Group) H. Enke [ppt]
1.) Cactus (AEI) Th. Radke [pdf]
2.) Dynamo (AIP) M. Braun / F. Breitling [pdf] [ppt]
H. Enke /
A. Reiser
Responsible: each speaker for his talk
   15.30  15.45  BREAK    

15.45  16.45  UseCases (ctd.)
3.) NBODY6++ (ZAH) Th. Brüsemeister [pdf]
4.) Clusterfinder (MPE) A. Carlson [pdf]
5.) GEO600 (AEI) R. Engel [pdf]
6.) Galaxy Collision: Workflow on ProC (MPA) H.-M. Adorf [ppt]
H. Enke /
A. Reiser
 Responsible: each speaker for his talk
   16.45 17.00
  17.00 18.00 Workshop
Information Service: M. Högqvist
Cactus Metadata Management, T. Radke [pdf]
RDF from a Java Perspective, T. Scholl [ppt]

Responsible: WG-Arch: H. Enke
Workshop   M. Högqvist
   18.00  18.15  BREAK    
  18.00 19.00
Information Service: Hand-On session, M. Högqvist

  Workshop Responsible:  M. Högqvist
  19.00  20.00 WG-Arch: Assessment of UseCases   Responsible:  H. Enke
   20.00   Dinner:
Bürgerstuben Garching, Bürgerplatz 9
 15.11.2006  08.30 09.00
 Coffee, Informal discussion    

09.00 10.15
9:00 -9:20 Job Management and WG5, Status Report, Road Map to D5.2 (WG5) R. Spurzem [pdf]
9:20 - 9:25 Discussion
9:25 - 9:50 Grid Scheduler (DGI) C. Grimme [ppt] + literature[pdf]
9:50 - 10:00 Discussion
10:00 - 10:15 What types of workflows do we need in D-Grid now, next, later? How do we implement them? (small panel discussion, plenary discussion)
H. Enke
Responsible: R. Spurzem

  10.15 10.30

   10.30 11.45
10:30 - 10:45 File Management
   (WG3, Presentation: Mikael, Moderation: Tobias)[pdf]
10:45 - 11:00 OGSA-DAI, data stream management
   (WG4, Presentation: Tobias, Moderation: Mikael) [ppt]
11:00 - 11:10 Discussion (Moderation: Mikael, Tobias)
11:10 - 11:40 dCache (M. Radicke, HEP) [PDF] [ODP]
11:40 - 11:45 Discussion (Moderation: Mikael, Tobias)
H. Enke
Responsible: M. Högqvist & T. Scholl

external speaker: Martin Radicke, HEP
  11.45 12.45  Resource-Integration:
AstroGrid-D and other Middleware-Stacks and BMBF-Hardware
H. Heller [pdf]
H. Enke [ppt]
A. Reiser Responsible: H. Enke
H. Heller(DGI)
H. Enke (AGD)
   12.45 14.00
  13.15 14.00
AstroGrid-D Exec Session
Besuch im LRZ      
H. Enke
H. Heller
closed session
On Tuesday you have to state your interest.

15.30 Decisions for  Review and next steps of the project:
UseCases (WG-Arch)
Deliverables (WG-Leads)
H. Enke
Responsible: H. Enke
closed session


Grid and Virtual Observatory:
Common Goals & Roads, Especially: Collaboration of AstroGrid-D and GAVO
J. Wambsganss [?]
G. Lemson [pdf]
T. Rauch [?]
H. Enke [ppt]
Responsible: H. Enke, 
G. Lemson
J.K. Wambsganss
Thomas Rauch

List of:



Garching bei München,
Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik
New seminar rooms on the lower level near the center of the MPE building.


Visitor information for MPE can be found here,
including directions to the institute and information on hotels in Garching,
e.g. Maria's Inn, Hotel am Park, und Hoyacker Hof (alle EZ ab ca. 70 Euro).