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6th AstroGrid-D Meeting at AEI, 30. January 2007

All project members are cordially invited to our 6th AstroGrid-D project meeting. The main purpose of this meeting is the preparation of the D-Grid review in February 2007.  


Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics
Am Mühlenberg 1
14476 Golm

The meeting will take place in the seminar room in the Campus central building.
A smaller meeting room is reserved for the executive session.
WLAN will be available.

Information on Travel and Accomodation

  • On the AEI homepage you find directions to Golm, for both public and individual travel.

  • The Landhotel Potsdam in Golm is most conveniently placed - either a 15 minutes walk or two stops on the 606 bus line will take you to the Golm Science Campus.
    We have arranged for a block reservation (keyword "Grid") of 15 rooms for two nights: 29./30 and 30./31. January.
    The discount price is 59 EUR per room, breakfast is included. The reservation expires on 12 January 2007.

    If you stay in a hotel in Potsdam you will need to take a train/bus/car to Golm.


Presentations: should be available from Friday,  26th of January, 12.00h.

Time Topic Referent  Moderator Protocol
9:30 Warmup
(coffee, check emails, etc.)
9:55 Welcome
Thomas Radke
10:00 Introduction Harry Enke H. Enke
10:15 AstroGrid Presentation for the Review
Matthias Steinmetz
A. Reiser
10:45 Use Case Demonstration for the Review
Hans-Martin Adorf A. Reiser AIP
11:00 Discussion (Plenum)
  A. Reiser   ZIB
11:45 Reports / Deliverables
Harry Enke A. Reiser   MPA
12:00 Discussion (Plenum)   A. Reiser   MPE
12:30 Discussion Groups / Institutes
13:00 Lunch Break

H. Enke

14:15 Summary / Plenum

H. Enke
15:00 Outlook into our Project's 2nd Phase Harry Enke A. Reiser  
Coffee Break

WG-Leads: status reports and next steps
(5min + discussion)
WG Leads
H. Enke ZAH
End of Meeting