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Virtual Organisations (VOs)

In grid computing, a Virtual Organization defines a collaboration of users with same access rights to grid resources.
This page explains the idea and realisation of virtual organisations in the AstroGrid-D.
An important subpage is the List of RAs and CAs, the Registration Authorities and Certificate Authorities of the AstroGrid-D that you must contact to become a member.


When you join the Grid, you become a member of a Virtual Organisation (VO). VOs are temporary associations of
  • user groups    or
  • individuals sharing resources (like computer hardware, disk space, instruments, services and licenses)
VOs cooperate using the grid middleware. They are being assembled to manage access to grid resources. Authorisation and access is handled using the certificates and VO management methods that allow grouping and limiting user rights.

Virtual Organisations within the AstroGrid-D

  • All members and resources of the AstroGrid-D are part of the VO "AstroGrid-D". This is the main existing VO.
  • Every institute will probably form a local Sub-VO.
  • For certain requirements (special application, telescopes, etc.) specific Sub-VOs will be formed.
The VOs are organised using the AstroGrid-D VOMRS, the "Virtual Organisation Membership Registration Service". Every user has to register at the VOMRS after receiving his or her certificate. (see AstroGrid-D membership guide) and accept the Usage Policies of the AstroGrid VO.