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AstroGrid-D Project Overview


AstroGrid-D, the German Astronomy Community Grid (GACG) is a research project for scientific work supporting e-Science and Grid middleware within the German D-Grid Initiative.

Major German astronomy institutes and grid-specific research groups from informatics and supercomputing centers have joined in an interdisciplinary partnership to pursue several strategic goals:

  1. To join together astronomical science institutions into a unified nationwide research infrastructure of collaborative distributed environments using innovative grid technologies.
  2. Creation of a grid based infrastructure for astronomical and astrophysical research, based on integration of their computational facilities, improving the efficiency and usability of their hardware resources.
  3. Integration of distributed astronomical data archives and, in an extended time frame, of instruments and experiments into a common research infrastructure.
  4. Support of other research institutes to enable them to share their resources, data and application software within the AstroGrid infrastructure, especially to enable small university workgroups to join the collaboration.
  5. To strengthen the ties of the German astronomy community to the huge developments within the international activities of the astronomy community.

Developing a framework and appropriate standards for collaborative management of astronomy-specific grid resources within the required infrastructure is the core task of the German Astronomy Community Grid. Existing, geographically distributed supercomputing resources and huge astronomical data archives, remote controlled radio telescopes and robotic telescopes and gravitational wave detectors are to be integrated into this coherent framework. Standardized user interfaces allowing unified and location-independent access to existing computing resources will simplify astrophysical numerical simulations. Transparent access to local data archives and those available within the grid is expected to simplify community-developed data analysis tools and complex data processing. Using the standards of International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) will ensure the interoperability of all kinds of astronomical datasets and software applications.

Project structure

Thematically oriented work packages structure the long term planning of the research and development.


AstroGrid-D works in close cooperation with all of the other scientific communities joined in the D-Grid Initiative, especially with the HEP community from High Energy Physics, the Climate community forming the C3-Grid, and the DGI integration project.


AstroGrid-D is funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) for a total of 3 years (September 2005 through August 2008). Project management is provided by the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR) for the whole D-Grid Initiative.