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Deliverables of Work Package VII

"User interfaces and APIs"

Document Publication  Date 
Installation of the GridSphere Portal Framework on a GACG Portal Server
 D7.1 (pdf) (39KB)
 Requirement analysis for specific components and services of the Astro community for the
GACG portal
 D7.2 (pdf) (131KB)
 GAT-Installation mit generischer Grundfunktionalität (Zugriff auf Basis-Grid-Dienste)
 D7.3 (pdf) (131KB)
Implementation of astrophysical specific adaptors, and there integration in to GAT. Software components and documentation; Support of users and preparation of a GAT Workshop.  D7.4 (pdf)
Simulation-specific Portal Components and Documentation
 D7.5 (pdf) (131KB)
 Portal User Interfaces for Metadata Management
 D7.6 (pdf) (131KB)