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Deliverables of Work package IV

"Distributed Database Access and Data Stream Management"

Document Publication  Date 
Requirements Specification and Architectural Design
 D4.1 (pdf) (400KB)
Prototype for Manual Query Execution Plans
 D4.2 (pdf) (651KB)
Access to Persistent Data
 D4.3 (pdf) (138KB)
Distributed Function Providers
 D4.4 (pdf) (340KB)
Data Stream Management—Deployment Report
 D4.5 (pdf) (74KB)
Optimization for Distributed Queries
 D4.6 (pdf) (609KB)
Integration of Streaming and Persistent Data Management
 D4.7 (pdf) (116KB)
Data Stream Management—An Implementation Report
 D4.8 (pdf) (65KB)