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Deliverables of Work Package II

"Provision and management of metadata"

Document Publication  Date 
Information Service Requirements and Architecture  D2.1 (pdf)  27.07.2006
Metadata Information Service
 D2.2 (.tar.gz)
Metadata Information Providers
 D2.3 (pdf)  19.03.2007
Providing Static Metadata of Robotic Telescopes to Stellaris
 D2.4 (pdf)  15.05.2007
Metadata Information Service, second version
 D2.5 (.tar.gz)
Metadata Information Providers
 D2.6 (pdf)
Providing Dynamic Metadata of Robotic Telescopes to Stellaris  D2.7 (pdf)
 Metadata Information Service, third version (0.3.1)
 D2.8 (.tar.gz)
Advanced Prototype Implementation of Metadata Information Providers  D2.9 (pdf)

Deliverable D2.2 and D2.5 are software releases with belonging documentation. More information can be found at http://stellaris.zib.de/