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AstroGrid-D VO Management

VO Management is separated into three different blocks:

1st Block: User Registration and VO Administration
is done using the VOMRS server from OpenScienceGrid, which allows
  • users to registrate their certificate
  • local Registration Authorities to confirm their request
  • VO-Managers to define their membership in differnt VOs
2nd Block: Get VO-member lists from VOMRS:
  • http/https based query process extracting VO-Member lists from VOMRS
  • every VO-Member has a unique VO-Memeber-id, which allows mapping to user-id on local systems
3rd Block: Update local gridmap-files
  • update gridmap-file, taking local preferences and mapping schemes into account
  •  create new grid users locally
  • regular update via cron-job