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AstroGrid-D Architecture Overview

The focus of the AstroGrid-D project lies in developing a middleware which abstracts the grid resource handling and simplifies the grid usage for the scientists. Seven main components, as seen in the picture, are under development. In addition, we also provide a user portal based on GridSphere and an alternative user API via GAT.

  • Information service, aggregates and integrates metadata from different sources (file management, grid resources, job management etc. ) within the Grid environment. ArchitectureWG2
  • Job Management, provides a meta-scheduler and a broker deciding when and where a grid-job will execute. This also includes advanced scheduling of jobs for robotic telescopes.
  • File Management, composes a unified view of the files created and used by grid jobs. Handling of replicas and advanced transfer mechanisms are also possible.
  • Data Stream Management, enables stream-based data processing between Grid resources. Supports the integration of user-defined operators during run-time. For details, please see WG4Architecture.
  • Database Management, provides access to scientific databases using well-established Grid standards. For details, please see WG4Architecture
  • Monitoring and Steering, provides methods to query and potentially change the status of individual Grid jobs as well as entire AstroGrid-D applications. For details, please see WG-6 Architecture.
  • Security and VO Managment, provides secure access to grid enabled resources and concepts for authentication  by building on VO Management procedures. For details see VO Management and Security