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AstroGrid-D: Grid Technology for Astronomical Science

Web Citations:

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 Job statistics in the AstroGrid portal 2008
OSG Open Science Grid 2008
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope LSST 2008
VOMRS  Virtual Organisation Management Registration Service
Globus Toolkit  Globus Alliance
Mare Nostrum Simulation
How to request a certificate and become a member of the AstroGrid-D AstroGrid-D
Resources Overview  AstroGrid-D 2008
Timeline  AstroGrid-D 2008
Resource Map  AstroGrid-D 2008
Globus Installation  AstroGrid-D 2008
Installation Instructions for Ganglia and MDS4 AstroGrid-D 
Audit Logging  AstroGrid-D 2008
AGD-Globus  AstroGrid-D 2008
App2Grid  AstroGrid-D 2008
RASS  ROSAT All Sky Survey
DGRID  German D-Grid Initiative
Task Farming of Atomic Grid Jobs: Dynamo  AstroGrid-D 2008
Einstein at Home

BOINC  Berkely Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
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Low Frequency Array LOFAR 2008
Grid Inter-Operation Now GIN 2008
EGEE  Enabling Grids in European EScience
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GridSphere  Portal Software
IVOA International Virtual Observatory Alliance 2008
VOQL Virtual Observatory Query Language 2008
Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications DEISA 2008
Uniform Interface to Computing Resources  UNICORE 2008
National Virtual Observatory  NVO 2008
TeraGrid  US TeraGrid
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The Large Binocular Telescope LBT 2008
Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instrument PEPSI 2008
Das GREGOR Teleskop GREGOR 2008
Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer MUSE 2008
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